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USPTO Design System v2.x

A unified open source Design System, UI style guide, pattern library, and Bootstrap theme.

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What is this?

The USPTO Design System is an open source UI Design Library, style guide, pattern library, and Bootstrap theme. Our documentation is packed full of usability guidelines, starter templates, implementation examples, and source code. This design system is based on Bootstrap, utilizing components and design elements from the USWDS.

This design system is a continious work in progress, and is updated regularly with new features, additions, and bug fixes.

How can I use it?

Grab a copy of the library from either of the links above. You can choose to use either the pre-built minified CSS or the build directly from the source SCSS. View our how-to guide

Who is it for?

The USPTO Design System is intended for designers and developers working on USPTO related projects. But, since it's open source, anyone can take advantage of, and modify, this useful library.

Why did we make it?

We have a lot of web projects at the USPTO. These design guidelines and resources aim to create a unified experience across all projects at the USPTO, both internal and external.

Not using Bootstrap?

That's fine! The usability guidelines and other resources contained within may still be useful to your product team.

Interested in contributing?

We want your help! Visit our Github repository for contribution guidelines. If you have improvements or bug fixes, please let us know!