Download CSS/LESS

This zip file includes the source LESS files and minified CSS. The compiled CSS file includes a themed and extended version of Bootstrap. The LESS files pull in the Bootstrap source at compilation time.

 Download v1.6.6
Looking for older releases? Find them here.

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The documentation and source are available on Github. If you want to build the documentation locally, follow the instructions there.


Using the LESS files

The usptostrap.less file uses @import to merge all the LESS files at compilation time. Based on your folder structure, dependency management system, and 3rd party libraries, usptostrap.less may need to be updated. Use Grunt, Gulp, Maven, or some other tool to compile the LESS files.

Similar to Bootstrap, the LESS files are organized by module.

  • All Bootstrap overrides are at the root of the less folder.
  • Variables are in _variables.less.
  • CSS for new modules is in the custom folder.
  • 3rd party plugin themes are in the vendor folder.

Using the CSS files

The compiled CSS file includes a themed and extended version of Bootstrap. You shouldn't include the original Bootstrap CSS in your web page. If you're going to be writing any additional CSS specific for your web page, we recommend using the LESS files instead and taking advantage of the variables when possible.

Wireframe and prototype resources


USPTO Axure widget library

This library allows for rapid wireframing of interactions using the look and feel of the USPTO pattern library. The USPTO widget library can be used in Axure or other compatible software.

 Download USPTO Axure widget library
Current release version: 0.1.0